Check this quick edit of what appears to be every single trick at the past weekend's Freeze Festival in London. The UK's Billy Morgan walked away with the glory, beating out heavy hits from the likes of Halldor Helgason, Marko Grilc, Roope Tonteri and more...

You should certainly watch this if you want to a) see what went down at the Relentless Freeze in London last weekend, b) want to see what we're guessing is every trick attempted, both landed or not, and c) want to hear an MC dude say 'backside' and 'land it' a lot.

The contest was run with the riders needing to put down a style jump, a tech jump and one more of their choosing and combining the scores of tech/style. Billy put down a slow back rodeo and a fast back 12 dub which was enough to crush the hopes of Max Parrot, Victor De Le Rue, Marko Grigis and Tor Lundström.

Nice work B-Mo.