The Red Bull Double Pipe 2015 event is just about to kick off in Aspen, Colorado. Check out some of the first action footage in the new setup and find out what it will take to truly conquer this beast on the the 12th March.

The Red Bull Double Pipe event made its debut last year, bringing side by side pipes together for the first event of its kind. This year, the double pipe is back and bigger than ever, introducing new elements like the step up jump before the pipe, a cut-out, and a host of new rail features.

With riders visibly hesitant to send it over the spine, it looks like mastering that aspect of the double pipe will be key to success. It's also cool to see that more slopestyle riders like Ståle Sandbech have been thrown into the mix.

What's for certain is that it's going to take skill to survive this thing, but creativity and balls to really prevail. Stay tuned for full coverage of the contest going down on the 12th March 2015.