When: Fri 3rd of April 2009

Where: La Plagne, France

Olivier Glitter, member of the French national snowboard team wins the first edition of the Quiksilver Chromatophobia super pipe snowboard contest in La Plagne, French Alps, ahead of Christian Haller (Switzerland) and the young Norwegian Nation champion Fredrik Austbo. An innovative scoring system added to the intensity as points were directly transferred into euros. Olivier accumulated 1010 € in points to give him the additional first place cheque of 4500 €, Christian Haller goes home with 3500€, and Fredrik Austbo is happy with 2000€.

Nine of the fifteen riders qualified for the jam session final, consisting of a maximum of five runs. Olivier’s consistency killed it with his amplitude and style to convince the judges he deserved to take home the money.

Mathieu Crepels original format demanded to make the finals the riders had to complete two runs with a compulsory trick in each. Prior to the start all the riders submitted a trick, which were then drawn out of a hat at random. In the first run, riders had to execute an ally oop backside rodeo failing to do this cut theirs score in half. The second run demanded a corked frontside 720.

The four wildcards from the King of Snow contest failed to make the finals, needless to say the competition was fierce.

Three time world champion Markku Koski showed amplitude and originality throughout the day, but slipped out on a few very technical tricks in the final. Another stand out in the final was young Frenchmen Arthur Longo laying down one of the most impressive runs of the day, but unable to back it with his other runs missing out on the podium.

Mathieu Crepels innovative format challenged the riders to be bold yet consistent, with points converting to euros and mandatory tricks converting to points added energy to this super pipe event like no other.

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