When: Thu 1st of January 1970

Where: Marseille, France

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Barney, I’m 26, I never had any sexual relation with anyone, except… At a Pykopit Party." Remember that piece of legend sang by Orgasmical Burgers? Well I did, so I had huge expectations for that party, as you can imagine…

Yes, when there’s a Psykopit party, it’s most of the time a one to remember. This time they settled it to Marseille, and the spot on preview was at the beginning was a one called Whiskybar – all a program for a Bollywood party. The apéro part of things took place in shop Core Zone and happened as previewed on the flyer: new video projection, goodies and jokes gift away… Then transfer has been made to La Palmeraie of Bazar, a famous club of Mars. Morgan Lefaucheur didn’t have the vibe and finally didn’t come with our special agent placed on Riviera – he wanted to keep it for Kanye West in Nice Jazz Festival. Matt “La Crêpe" Crépel wasn’t either around, but other members had made displacement – Pépé, L’arrogs, Capote (who took once again a red card), Anne-Flore Marxer (who was coming straight from Mt. Hood), and the others. Pépé has already a big, big party on preview on French Riviera for 2007.