When: 6-8 March, 2009

Where: Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic

Bad weather didn't stop the Black Yeti and riders from 6 nations to rock at the “Protest East Rookie Fest" in Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic, in order to conquer the last invitation at the upcoming rookie finals. The event saw an high level of riding in both half pipe than slope style competition, re-loading the same format of the 2008 edition in Czech, with an overall rank as avarage of both results.

Saturday was the half pipe day in a very easy format: 2 hours training, 3 run each, best count for the rank. Even if the pipe wasn't perfect because of rainy days before the event, the level was pretty high and the norwegians conquered the whole male rookie podium: Eskii Korneliussen, Rudi Oesterhus and Even Solbraa. Czech youngster Martin Mikyska dominate the grom category in the half pipe.

Sunday slopestyle saw a set up including kinked box and jump from 10 to 18 meters The format of 4 run best 2 counts, allowed an high level contest with technical tricks such as bs1080, switch 1080 and double backflips 180. Among the rookies the Czech ripper Barek Bergmann dominate the session with sick tricks, clear landings and smooth style. On the rookie podium other 2 czech riders: Petr Horak and Filip Gutwirth. Thomas Tramnitz impressed judge and spectators with double backflips and double backflips 180. Diana Augustinova resulted the best girl of the competition, while Martin Mikyska the best male grom.

The overall rank of the event, as combo of the half pipe and slope style results, assigned 2 ticket to the Protest World Rookie Finals 2009 in Ischgl, Austria to the best 2 rookies of the event, and 3 Protest Surf Camp in Lacanau, France to best male rookie and grom, and best girl.

Rookies from all Czechs and East Europe are expected to join this event in order to conquer valuable points for the World Rookie Rank and 2 invitations to the 4 star Protest World Rookie Finals 2009 in Ischgl, Austria.

Overall Ranks of Protest East Rookie Fest 2009

male rookie 1. Eskii Korneluissen (NOR) 2. Rudi Oesterhus (NOR) 3. Darek Bergmann (CZE) 4. Filip Gutwirth (CZE) 5. Even Solbraa (NOR) 6. Petr Horak (CZE) 7. Thomas Tramnitz (AUT) 8. Ruggero Naccari (ITA) 9. Dan Paulicek (CZE) 10. Francesco Brutto (ITA)

male grom 1. Martin Mikyska (CZE) 2. Jakub Kral (CZE) 3. Michal Bisa (CZE) 4. Ondrej Porkert (CZE) 5. Lewis Courtier Jones (GBR) 6. Daniel Porkert (CZE) 7. Dusan Kriz (CZE) 8. Dominik Veleska (CZE) 9. Miki Pajer (CZE) 10. Tamor Roos (NDL)

female grom 1. Diana Augustinova (CZE) 2. Dorota Stenclova (CZE)