Over the years a lot of good stories happened around the SHRED DOWN AUSTRIAN MASTERS. From extraordinary performances, to legendary parties and unforgettable moments with friends on the mountains, nothing has been left out. Over the years, the event itself developed to being it's own success story.

"The SHRED DOWN AUSTRIAN MASTERS aren't just a get-together of the national but also the international snowboard scene." Rudi Kröll, former Overall Champion and vice president of the Ästhetiker, explains.

Rider: Gogo Gossner Foto: Hannes Sautner

A special cooperation, consisting of N.ASA, Boardplay and the Ästhetiker makes it possible to combine two prestigious Freestyle Events to one big project. The organisers proved, that it doesn't need big sponsor contracts and fundings to set up first class events. The perfect conditions, high level of riding and the good atmosphere keep everyone coming back year after year.

This year's halfpipe event will be held at the K-Park Kühtai/Innsbruck, which is supervised by the Air & Style Company. The slopestyle event will take place in Westenboard at the Boarders Playground.


The SHRED DOWN AUSTRIAN MASTERS is a generation-spanning sport event from and for snowboarders! Young, aspiring talents, like Werni Stock or Lisa Filzmoser back in the day, use the Masters as a steppingstone, rookies become pros and pros become legends. There's no doubt, that this year will be no exception when the best riders, male and female, are gonna compete for the freestyle-crown. Thanks to a cooperation with Germany, german rookies will have the chance to score the Staatsmeistertitel at the SDAM.

Rider: Daniel Naschberger Foto: Hannes Sautner

The slopestyle event will go down from 6th-8th of March at the Boarders Playground/Westendorf, while the halfpipe comp will take place a week later from 13th-15th of March at Kuhtai/Innsbruck. As every year there will be price money, material prizes, wild cards for top events and important world cup points. This year the austrian wild cards for the WSF/TTR World Championships in Yabuli will be given out at the SDAM.

12_SDAM 2015 Flyer