On the 14th of March the second edition of Piece of cake is held in Åre Ambilight Snow Park, Åre, Sweden. Piece of cake is Scandinavia’s biggest slope style competition for women.

The lucky winner wins the price of 10.000 sek. Piece of cake 2015 is a one day event with training, competition, riders dinner and a afterparty.

Last year the competition became a huge success. With 25 riders from all over Scandinavia the competition quickly made a buzz throughout the snowboard scene. The feedback from other competition organisers and from the Swedish snowboard association has been supportive, it has been more girls showing interest in competing and giving Piece of cake as their motivator. Piece of cake is open for all women accustomed to park riding.

The founders Marina Minetti, Cecilia Schenk, Karin Långström and Maja Lotterberg are all passionate snowboarders. They wanted to create a new scene for girl’s competition in Scandinavia, where the female riders are the main focus.

"We want to raise the level of the female snowboard scene without excluding anyone." Marina Minetti says.

Piece of cake is proud to be a part of the World Snowboard Tour 2015 and Swedish Snowboard Series 2015.Al

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