When: Thu 1st of January 1970

Where: pyrenees

"C'mon, Dance Bobby!"

A reason for the craze at Poney Session 2007: Almost 60 riders came to confront the grandpa's from the Denjo crew for an eccentric event, still present in the freestyle Pyrenean scene. And it remains an event that still strays away from the professionalism of modern snowboard contests. Long-awaited like the 5p.m. cup of tea, this convivial brotherly gathering was definitely a huge sensation. Despite poor snow in March, an unreal 60 centimeters snow fell for the comp. Willpower of the Denjo people was strong enough to build a high-quality and playful "slopestyle drome" - with big air, step ups, boxes, rails and a butter table.

But the most innovating thing was the grooming of the park - funny as f*ck! Just imagine hay bundles all over the park, a line of horse-riding jumps that you can only find on race courses. Just imagine yourself riding between three cute Shetland ponies acting like stoked best friends out of all the kids watching the contest. Denjo created a dream event.

Many riders came from the whole country, as Brynild Vulin, Bruno Rivoire, Sully Monod and some other riders from the Alps, in order to gallop against local killers like Dimitri Biau, Xavier Marcou, Thomas Sarraméda, Gérôme Mathieu, Francis Marchionini, Jim Dabadie and many others..

So, who was the Poney of the year for the fifth annual event? Xavier Marcou won the jib contest with amazing stylish runs, but the winner of big air received first this year. His name? Gérôme Mathieu, aka "Coin-Coin", showing stylish ease and power on the table. It was delightful to see him come back after a bad knee injury and stomping some übber clean switch backside 7s and frontside 7s.

In second place was the H.O.5 godfather and mirage of all the Pyrenean girls, Xavier Marcou. He remains classy and precise in everything he does. Brynild Vulin, the Snapcase fan, placed third. We're glad too to see Vulin back in the game after a knee injury.

After the contest, everybody met up in La Maison de la Vallée, and Christophe "Bizmut" Cabannes (check out his interview soon on the website) exposed all his paintings dedicated to the environment in this sacrosanct place.

The prize ceremony took place in the theatre of La Maison. Video filmings followed: An architectural project of Francis Marchionini with his snow house, once shown in the Method 7.3 magazine. Method hopes to soon show Marchionini's new architectural testimony on Method TV - such as the Volume Two teaser of Aktaes / ho5, a resume of the Pony Session 2006, a video card from Yohan Hamonik in Vancouver and more.

The crew from French wakeboard bible Unleashed offered a sick country-style dinner with loads of pimp red wine bottles from Bordeaux. Thank you, Raynald!

Then came the time for Las Poneykitas party, with Dj's Rod, Momo, the CRAack duo and Hypnoz beer. Aie aie aie! A dance floor battle suddenly happened between the Gap crew (Brynild Vulin, Bruno Rivoire and Sully "Chuck" Monod) against the rest of the world. the Gap crew won it, 'till the end of the night.

To say that the fifth edition of the Poney Session was a great success is an exaggeration, but let's do it. It was huge. Many people took part and watched, the BBQ / Schevenels store was perfect, girls were stoked to wear skirts for the first time of the year, and everybody was just happy to take a sunbath and hang out.

A BIG thanks to all the riders from the Alps, Spain, Pyrenees, to the resort of Luz-Ardiden and the town of Luz Saint-Sauveur. Plus, thanks to all the Denjo shapers who worked like never before.

(And personal thanks to Thomas, Birrrrmoutééé, Jeannot, Polo, Romain, Mathias, Hélène, Zamot, Xavier, Mathieu & the Schevenels parents, Mickey, Francis, Fred Egli, Kevin Métallier, Raynald Tanny and those we forgot. We love you and see you next year!)


(Big Air + Jib)

  • 1. Gérôme Mathieu (Burton, Analog, Dragon, ho5 crew)
  • 2. Xavier Marcou (Allian, Wesc, DVS, Dragon, ho5 crew)
  • 3. Brynild Vulin (Rossignol, Globe, Gap crew)
  • 4. Sully Monod, the smooth Sully Monod
  • 5. Thomas "Zamot" Sarraméda
  • 6. Bruno Rivoire, who rode in spite of a twisted ankle.

Sunday, best tricks contest, perfect hangover time.

Butter table: Nicolas "Nikopel" Marchionini, left his camera and. won the contest thanks to his skate skills, with cab 3 sw tail press to sw 360 out.

Big-air: Gérôme "Coin-Coin" Mathieu (fs 7 double grab)

Box: Arnaud Debluze (cab 450 boardslide to 270 out)