Petja going dub on the middle kicker.

The 12th edition of the WST 4 Star Da Kine Poney Session ends with a pretty promising podium.

Finnish rising star Petja Piiroinen absolutely killed the Saint Lary Park park both on qualifications and finals. But both Beauchemin and Nicholson were not too far off and the winning trio put down an impressive display of tech and style. Petja maybe made the difference on the consistency of his runs all day and did a pretty solid run to top up his performance: 360 bonks on the jib set, then Cab 9 on the big Saint Lary kicker and Back 10 on the bottom Da Kine kicker.

Results from the final:

1-Petja PIIRONEN (Finland) - brings home 4200€ prize money

2-Eric BEAUCHEMIN (USA) - 2100€

3-Tyler NICHOLSON (Canada) - 1500€

4-Morten KLEIVDAL (Norway) - 1000€

5-Ole Christian HAGEN (Norway) - 800€


7-Sebbe DEBBUK (Belgium)

8-Jonas BOESIGER (Switzerland)

9-Nuuti NIEMELA (Finland)

10-Mick CICCARELLI (Canada) - best rookie 500€

11-Vladislav KHADARIN (Russia)


Full report and gallery of the 2014 Poney Session coming up tomorrow.