For all of you who could not come to Bavaria last week or were too busy riding the glacier, there's another possibility to see the movie and go crazy with the guys: This Saturday in Innsbruck, Austria.

But be careful, the boys know how to party and if you're not resitent enough you could end up at the hospital, or police station, or at any other place that is not the WEEKENDER. But, for the beginning you should come there, opening at 10 pm and showing the movie at 11.30 pm. As it is even for free, you can spend all your money on getting hammered or the cab (for the losers amongst us) afterwards.

If you don't know what to expect from the movie, have a look at the teaser&interview we posted two weeks ago. To have you convinced once and for all, Tim (crew member and director) says it all:

"I really recommend you come watch Periscoping (and any other movie for that


And as you can see from the 'insights' of the Munich premiere, it doesn't take much to have an awesome night: A rad snowboarding crew (check), a mindblowing movie with good sound (check) an underaged kid who's kicking everyone's asses (check) and a centrical location that allows you to party hard (check). Everything else is up to you! As a reminder, here the details:

WHEN? 26th of October, 10 pm

WHERE? Weekender Cafe, Innsbruck

WHAT? Periscoping Premiere powered by Monster Energy