The Munich Air&Style was in the tradition of its predecessors and once again kicked snowboarding up a notch, with Peetu Piiroinen claiming the win at the last. Full report plus highlight video.

On Saturday, the entire Onboard editorial crew set out to report from the TTR 6Star Nike 6.0 Air&Style Munich. And I promise, we meant to get a report up as soon as the event ended. Unfortunately, there was not one but two different VIP lounges with free booze and on top of that an aftershow party with Nike employees constantly slipping us drink vouchers. Ah, I guess that comes with big corporations entering our sport... On the upside the Munich Air&Style was in the tradition of its predecessors and once again kicked snowboarding up a notch.


Yes, there was a lot of hucking and double-corking, but the four super-finalists Peetu Piiroinen, Seppe Smits, Halldor Helgason and Nils Arvidsson each in their own way showed where the sport is developing in terms of kicker riding. Peetu threw down a Cab 1260 on the straight jump and a frontblunt 270 out on the rail section and took home the win (as well as a large share of the 75,000 euro prize purse, the coveted "Air & Style Ring of Glory" and 1000 TTR points). Second place finisher, Seppe Smits, was super consistent all night stomping just about every single trick he attempted. His best scoring trick was his own variation of the Cab 1260 combined with a frontside noseslide to pretzel out in the final round, but he also snuck a Cab 1440 in there for good measure. Coming in third place was Halldor Helgason, who was pushing his limits with an attempted crazy double back rodeo 12 Japan. Even though he did not land this "Lobsterflip" his riding was the clear favourite with the 16,500 spectators.


Strangely enough the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Finals, which went down before the big air comp, hardly gets any mentioning in the official press releases. However, having a full-on jam session in a stadium was quite a unique thing, and the level or riding was insanely high. Half of the riders had to qualify at various events throughout the season, and the other half consisted of some heavy hitters of the urban kind. In the end it was Mike Casanova who took the victory (and 10,000 euros cash), followed by Jamie Nicholls and Forest Bailey. To be honest the whole thing was quite hectic as the jam session itself lasted only 30 minutes before an even shorter final between the top 8 went down. It was quite hard to follow what each riders was throwing down. Maybe some other hack who was a little more focussed on the riding can add the missing tricks in this write-up.


Now with the Air&Style series done and over where will the contest aficionado turn to? Here's what the TTR says:

With the Nike 6.0 Air & Style Munich wrapped up, all eyes will shift to Oslo, Norway where The Oakley Arctic Challenge will go off from February, 14th to the 19th, 2011. The Oakley Arctic Challenge is the last 6Star stop before the Swatch TTR tour finale in America at the 6Star Burton US Open, where both the men's and women's TTR World Tour Champion titles will be awarded. The end of February will also see the men compete at the 5Star Burn River Jump in Italy on the 22nd to the 25th of Febraury 2011, as well as the 4Star Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest on the 18th and 19th of February 2011 Head to for new videos, photos, updated rankings and webcast schedules.


Results Nike 6.0 Air & Style Munich 2011

1. PIIROINEN, Peetu FIN Nike 6.0, Burton 93,07 Points

2. SMITS, Seppe BEL Red Bull, Burton 91,60

3. HELGASON, Halldor ISL Nike 6.0 77,60

4. ARVIDSSON, Nils SWE Rip Curl 37,00

5. TOUTANT, Sebastien CAN O’Neill, Red Bull

6. MORGAN, Ethan GER Nike 6.0

7. BADERTSCHER, Ulrik NOR Quiksilver

8. STOCK, Werner AUT Burton, burn

9. KOSKI, Markku FIN Quiksilver

10. HALLER, Christian SUI Burton

11. KOTSENBURG, Sage USA Nike 6.0, Monster

12. PODLADTCHIKOV, Iouri SUI Quiksilver

13. KÖNIG, Peter AUT Forum

14. MALIN, Markus FIN 32 Snowboard Boots

15. AGUIRRE, Mason USA Nike 6.0

16. KORPI, Janne FIN Kissmark

Results Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle FInale

1. CASANOVA, Mike USA Atmosphere, Monument 89,33 Points

2. NICHOLLS, Jamie GBR Nike 6.0 84,33

3. BAILEY, Forest USA GNU, Red Bull 82,67

4. PAWLUSIAK, Wojtek POL Burton, AG 75,67

5. VALAIKA, Keegan USA Burton, Gnarley 73,00

6. HELGASON, Eiki ISL Oakley, Skullcandy 68,33

7. RAJCSANYI, Daniel GER Sionyx, Ride 68,00

8. BÜHLER, Boris SUI Academy 15,00