When: Sat 31st of May 2008

Where: SnowWorld Landgraaf, NL

The 31st of May 2008 will be a date to remember for many of the 76 competitors who assembled at the SnowWorld in Landgraaf for the Park & Ride Slopestyle Contest 2008.

The participants were quite surprised when they entered the snow hall Saturday morning and saw how the park had transformed over night. With the help of a couple of volunteering hands the Park & Ride shaper crew had built a brilliant set up during their night shift, consisting of boxes, rails and a kicker tabel with two jumps. As the training already proved, that the Dutch are capable of more than cheese and wooden clogs.

The Slopestyle Contest started at noon. In three relaxed qualification heats the field was reduced to 30 riders for the halfhour final. Even though it was -5° degrees in the air, the mood wasn't frosty at all. In the final the best fifteen male snowboarders and five snowboarder girls gave all they could. There was a real explosion of tricks and the 540s, switch one foot rail slides and even a front flip off the kinked rail got the audience cheering. In the end the local rippers turned out to be unbeatable and got the first three spots on the podium. Sascha Waauff came in first, second was Ron Jongen, Jesper Kicken made it to the third place and Mandy Langbroek won the girls competition.

Directly after the final it was time for the Best Trick Contest on a 12 meter straightbox, sponsored and shaped by Schneestern Parks & More, in front of the snow hall. The organisers Felix Orth and Julia Fisahn did more than a great job and sun came out just at the right time to stop the dreadful rain. In front of a steadily growing audience Sascha Waauff impressed again with a very stylish frontflip off the box.

Everyone was in very a good mood after the Best Trick and a lot of casual bystanders joined for the After Contest Party at the Club Parkside in Aachen. The party saw quite a bit of table dancing and lasted long after the break of dawn.

By now you should all know that Landgraaf to Aachen even rocks in summertime! (Words by Jan Drechsler)