On the 07th and 08th of December the Snowpark Grasgehren is going to open its gates. The first Snowpark in Germany this year to start the season. Presented by Salomon Snowboards and Bondfire, there will be a Free BBQ and the new park offers new curve rails and a really big rocket. so go out there and give it a shot.

Also, the park events won't be a long time coming. In December, there will be another three events: 15.12.2013: Boardershop ́s Chill and Grill , on 21st: Rome Premature Jibulation and on the 22nd: World Snowboard Day.

The next year then starts with hanging out at the grill and having some fun, as there's going to be the first Beers ́N ́Burger in January (I8.01.2014), which repeats itself in February (08.02.2014) and as it seems, this months is all about eating and chillin' there will be the Boardershops ́s Chill and Grill as well. (15th)

In March they will host the OA Baiter Jam (1st), KEEP SNOWBOARDING (07./08./09.) and another of the beloved Beers ́N ́Burger (15th).

And, although we don't want to think about it right now, because it would be just too painful: on 20th of April, there will be the 'Season Ender Bender'.

Well, you see, there are enough possibilities to get out there and have a good time, so catch the chance and set out for Grasgehren!!