Last night Davos erupted into a mind-blowing display of kicker riding as the first couple of rounds of the Big Air got underway. Check the gwaan in words, pictures and video...

While, prior to the action getting underway, the talk around town was all about how all the big name contest freaks had sacked this contest off in order to battle with hunks of Canadian ice and chase the Olympic dream when the Big Air action kicked off last night we can only say that - names aside - they weren't missed. The list of tricks put down by this field of admittedly less marquee-named dudes was as heavy as you'll find at any contest anywhere. Front 10 dubs, back 12 dubs and the ubiquitous back 10 double - proper, mind - were stomped with ruthless efficiency and, not for the first time this year, we were left cradling our heads at the level that contest shredding is today.


After the afternoon's qualifiers, the evening stomp off saw the 13 who made it through face-off against the 11 invited riders. There were some epic battles, like Kyle Mack and Boris Mouton - both just 15 - trading flawless doubles and Markku Koski getting denied by Markus Mathis on his final jump by finally putting down the back 10 dub, plus there were some individual performances that shone white hot - specifically Dash Kamp's round-the-corner jibbing (he even tried a mind-blowing gap from the corner rail to the down rail but came up short and spannered himself), Seb Toutant's reliable smooth yet megatech riding, and Maxence Parrot who makes landing double back 12s look as easy as stomping a back 1.


But all that was just a prelude. Tonight it's finals time and we imagine we'll be seeing a triple or two no doubt. See, madness.