When: Thu 1st of January 1970

Where: Flachau, Austria

Our intern remembered the times he went to camp as a kid and he read Onboard Mags there. Well, guess what! The same Mags from 1998 were still around when he came by to cruise with the kids and campers. Luckily Franz "the intern" brought some of our newest snowboard publications and other fine stuff for the little hungry fellas. But just giving away the mags and the other swag would have been to easy, so the nice folks at Fuzzy Garhammer Camps put on a football tournament for the evening. A few grim football games went down between the over 60 girls and boys in the gym. After the winner was sorted out the competitors earned themselves some Onboard Mags, and those who "podiumed" received snowboard videos and Onboard socks in addition. Check the pics and get a glimpse on the excellent vibe at the camp!