When: 8 January, 2009

Where: Davos, Switzerland

The Onboard crew are live and direct from Davos. Welcome, one and all, to Onboard's coverage of the 6Star TTR quarterpipe and slopestyle sick-athon, otherwise know as the O'Neill Evolution. We've just rolled into this picturesque Swiss town with its glorious bluebird skies, and have had a look-see round the contest site. The qualifiers have been going down over the last few days, with a succession of shredders shralping their way over the slopestyle and the monster quarterpipe in an effort to earn their right to go head to head with the invited duders.

Today was slopestyle qualis and, while we arrived too late to check out the action, we can let you know who made the cut for tomorrow's slopestyle finals with the invited cats. And these are they: Ulrik Badescher, Andreas Gidlund, Ville Uotila, Dimi De Jong, Markus Malin, Jaakko Ruha, Sindre Iversen, Tore Holvik, Maxime Henault, and Jonas Carlsson.

In the hotel we bumped into Finns Risto Mattila and Peetu Piiroinen who, if we were gambling men, we would certainly have a flutter on to at the very least make the finals of both disciplines, and asked them what they made of the setup as they were enjoying some chill-time before the evening practice session. "The slopestyle is pretty mellow with not so big jumps," said Risto, "and the quarterpipe is... scary." Peetu agreed. "Yeah," he said. He seems a quiet one, that boy, but last time your correspondent saw him he was belting out Finnish songs in the back of a London cab. Dark horse, the Piirionen. These 10m whoppercock quarters aren't exactly ten a penny and the riders only get the chance to hit something of these dimensions a scant few times a season, so to rock into town and launch yourself off one at 70kph must be a daunting prospect even if you're the calibre of rider of Risto or Peetu. Well, that's what the training session is for, which is about to kick off right now.

So, until tomorrow when we shall have the results of the slopestyle finals, farewell from Davos!