Above: Clemens Millauer breaks the skyline. All photos: Mike Brindley.

Photogs rejoiced all 'round for Friday morning's session at Nine Royals as a little low cloud helped break up some of that damned perpetual sunshine we've been experiencing in Watles, making for some tasty scenes against the background haze.

While the oversized feature took no prisoners once more, seeing Måns Hedberg hospitalised, reinforcements also arrived in the form of Clemens Millauer, who quickly put himself to work on the Kings kicker.

Elsewhere Seppe Smits and Simon Gruber lined up a sweet doubles combo on the left side run-in (watch out for the footage soon), while many took the afternoon's opportunity for some well deserved rest before we go full tilt tomorrow.

Swipe through our gallery of shots below, and keep 'em peeled for more from the sessions soon.