When: Sat 18th of April 2009

Where: Serfaus, Austria

As the girls all stepped it up since last year, the decision was a close one, but in the end it was Cecilia Larsen who convinced the Nikita judges the most!

The second place went to Cilka Sadar, Anais Cettou came in third. Cecilia, who came to the Nikita Chickita Europe by winning the sister event in Norway, was clearly the strongest rider amongst the girls. She has already participated in other events and showed her experience in fluent runs and technical tricks like 720s and noseslides. For Ana Rumiha her noseslide over the kinked box on the stairset was even the best trick of the whole day. But also Cilka and Anais rode consistently good throughout the day and certainly didn’t make the decision any easier for the judges.

After the prize giving the Rhythm Gymnastics combo from Cologne, Germany took over the steering wheel and catapulted everyone into full party mode. I’m still not sure whether it had more to do with their crazy bad taste 80s outfits and the front man, who was dressed in a tight leopard suit, or the all time party favourites they played. Anyways the girls were rocking the house on top level, pogo dancing, jumping, drinking, laughing…

And so another great and fun event came to an end, leaving us full of hopeful expectations for some more chickita action next year!

- Anna Langer

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