When: Sat 18th of April 2009

Where: Serfaus, Austria

The girls who ride rock harder every year!

After successful events in the USA and for the first time also in Norway, this weekend saw the European Nikita Chickita going down in Serfaus and the girls just killed it!

Compared to last year’s event, two things strike your mind immediately: it’s still all about the fun, but the level of riding shown by the competing shred chicks has gone up a lot.

The word about this fun contest has obviously spread and so more than 30 girls registered for the contest. The girls used the set up, consisting of a small and a big kicker line, a picnic table, a stairs set up with double kinked box and rail, a tyre jib and a wallride as their playground and already did some very nice moves in the qualification. Like the years before the ladies’ motivation was truly amazing and so the first board already broke during the open practice in the morning (luckily it was a local girl’s who brought a spare one with her).

There were only two girls competing in the juniors category, but they were both so good that both of them were admitted to the women’s finals later in the day. With them were eleven other shred ladies who pushed the level even further in the afternoon.

Amongst the strongest competitors were Swede Cecilia Larsen, who won the Nikita Chickita Norway, Anais Cettou and Elena Könz from Switzerland, Steffi Hamann from Germany and Cilka Sadar from Slovenia. Although Cecilia didn’t stomp her Cab 7 she reaped a lot of cheers with a nose slide to fakie on the picnic table and one of the cleanest runs of the day. But also Cilka pulled a really nice 720 and although she slammed pretty nasty on the stair set she keep on riding like a true Nikita chickita.

While last year the most popular trick was a straight air, it has stepped big time in 2009 and almost all girls in the finals were spinning at least 3s and many also 5s. The true crowd pleaser though came, just like last year, from the juniors: sweet 15 years old Claudia threw down a backflip! Better watch out for the kids ladies, otherwise they’re getting at you faster than you can say ‘flip it’.

With so much strong and clean riding in the finals the decision is going to be a tough one – I’m off to the big prize-giving party bash now, check back tomorrow for more news on the girls who ride and who is the winner of the Nikita Chickita Europe 2009!

- Anna Langer