Despite Nike's best efforts to keep it hush till now, word leaked that the German RockonSB crew won the Nike Chosen Sessions Video Crew contest last Saturday. Nevertheless, now you can watch the announcement along with the thoughts of the Nike pros who voted on it, and a bunch of footage from the crews' edits. Partyzeit!


If you didn't know, as well as the Am contest that went down at the Nike Chosen Sessions last week, there was also a video crew battle taking place where three crews - RockonSB from Germany, Small Zinema from Finland and This Must Be The Place from the US - had just one week to produce an edit in the opulent Chosen Sessions park and around the Silvretta Montafon area.


Once wrapped up, the edits were then shown to the assembled Nike pro team who all voted on who they thought should win the cash and the trip to Baldface, and though it was no easy decision seeing as all the edits were proper, when it came down to it the German RockonSB crew's effort garnered enough votes to take the big cheque.


Watch how it went down – mercifully, the edit spares us the horror of Dani Rajcsanyi doing the helicopter with his bizarrely blackened member that's haunted us since we saw it on instagram – and we'll have all three crews' edits for you next week.