After riding like a man possessed all week, Swiss radicalist Markus Mathis was deservedly adjudged to the Best Am by the panel of Nike pros at the Nike Chosen Sessions. Check his bossdawg moves, along with the bangers from the rest of the Ams and Nike pro team.

It must also be said that you should look out for Peetu Piiroinen hoofing off the big kicker. He went so big on a back 7 we thought he'd overrotate to 820 or something and explode, but he managed to arrest his spin using that little ball of muscle he calls his body and stomp it perfectly. he is a machine.

The Nike Chosen Sessions in Silvretta Montafon Austria is a wrap. Your votes helped file it down for the Pros to decide who was ultimately Chosen to Live Like a Pro.

Markus Mathis, from Switzerland, took home the esteemed Chosen AM with an amazing week & nailing a few double corks in the Sessions Park.

Don't forget to check out for all the action all at once.