When: Sat 1st of March 2008

Where: Nesselwang, Germany

The 'Wir Schanzen' tour stop 'Night on Snow' in Alpspitz had to be moved from the orginal location to the Postbrewery areal due to lack of snow, and was then subsequently hit by a heavy storm system named 'Emma', which unleashed its rage in Germany, Austria and parts of Italy.

Nevertheless, it did not hinder, or stop 68 motivated riders to tear apart the jibstacle (2 obstacles) course from 'Schneestern Parks'. The jamsession format of the contest had riders pushing themselves, eventhough it was decided that the event will not be scored in neither the TTR or 'Wir Schanzen' point systems. It seems as though the riders were still really stoked on the jibstacles and were just having a fun night of jibbing, with no pressure to perform for anyone other than themselves and their peers. There was a prize purse of a 1,000 Euros and various goodies from Quiksilver and Rossignol, which were being randomly allocated to riders that were either showing sick runs, single tricks or even slams. How cool is that!? Get paid for taking a good slam!

Three people that stood out at the event were: Felix Georgil of the groms, Friedl May frontflipping, and Flo Geyer who bodychecked the event MC!

The Aftershow party was a banger with a German original, 'DasBo', who was accompanied by 'Bigeazie' and the Quiksession Band 'From Constant Visions'. Needless to say that the party reached out into the wee morning hours. Ahhh snowboards events.......you gotta love em'!

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