When: Sat 4th of April 2009

Where: Kempten, Germany

On Saturday, 4th of April the Night on Snow, last tour stop of the Suzuki Wir Schanzen 2009 presented by Quiksilver took place in Kempten.

Unfortunately the event was afflicted by heavy rain, which caused a cancellation of the men’s contest as well as of the FMX show.

Until the last moment the organisers tried their best to realize the the Night on Snow in full extend. Already in the early morning the weather became pretty bad and a veritable cloudburst took place above Kempten and the event area at the old Allgäuer Brauhaus. At midday it became a little friendlier, the sun came out and masses of spectators and riders entered the area immediately. 72 riders in total wanted to give their best in the special tow-in contest and present riding at its finest.

Around 1.30 pm the organisers were optimistic and the kids and girls contest started. As the big kicker was hard to ride due to the rain, the action in these categories concentrated on the transition upbox, on which the riders in fact performed high class riding. Every rider had two runs of which the better one was counted. André Höflich dominated the kids category followed by Marco Rinke and Gaudenz Strauß.

Lisa Viertel was the one who impressed the most in the category snowboard girls. Sunka Benetz became second and Steffi Nagel made it up the podium as third.

But then again heavy rain set in and after the conditions for a fair competition were simply not existent anymore, the men’s contest was at first postponed. As it became clear that the rain was not about to stop the organizers were forced to cancel the rest of the contest, and because of the high risk of injury also the FMX showsby the Upforce Crew from Berlin.

Consequently to the fact that the men’s contest was cancelled, it was decided to exclude the Night on Snow from the Suzuki Wir Schanzen ranking.

Also the Red Bull Best Trick Contest was cancelled. It has been planned to place a downbox in the landing of the kicker, but the weather made hard riding of this kind impossible.

In a few tow-in show sessions on the kicker the riders Christoph Messner, Jakob Messner, Michael Öfner and Nico Pfanzelt showed a lot of nice tricks. Spectacularly pulled by a rope like the wakeboarders, the riders got the speed to jump the massive kicker.

As the rain also caused a cancellation of the open air concerts on the specially arrived Red Bull Tourbus, the organizers decided to earlier open the hall for the aftershow party without further ado. So the crowd could chill in a dry place and have a drink or party to the sound of the DJ’s.

A hilarious party evolved right away and DJ Luke, known as the DJ from Seeed, performed an awesome turntable show and also the Drunkenmasters aka Big Joe and Slim C made the party people move to the hottest tracks. 800 party guests in total celebrated until the early morning and did not let the rain destroy their good mood.

It is a real pity that the Night on Snow could not take place as planned with the biggest side event package of the tour, but all of the riders and spectators had a lot of fun nevertheless.

But one thing is still to come: On April 17th the great end-of-tour party hits the Parktheater Kemten. DJ Stylewarz will spin there and also the winners of this year’s Suzuki Wir Schanzen will be crowned and condignly celebrated.

More information on the end-of-tour party as well as reports, pictures or videos of the Night on Snow and on all previous tour stops can be found at suzuki-wirschanzen.de.