When: Thu 17th of April 2008

Where: Saas Fee, Switzerland

Last Thursday I embarked on a journey to the remote location of Saas Fee, Switzerland. When I say remote, I mean REMOTE! How many places are there on planet earth, where one has no alternative but to take mountain passes and a car train through middle earth, just to get there! But then again, once you're there and can soak up the utter beauty of the place, you have no choice but to agree with the resort's slogan claiming that it's 'the pearl of the alps'. Add epic bluebird skies into the mix, and you've got one one hell of a resort! I've seriously never seen anything as majestic in my life. The Allalinhorn and it's glacier are amazing! Glacial crevasses, pow fields, cliffs and to boot, even bigger mountain peaks all around that have you breaking your neck when looking up. I'm starting to understand Fredi Kalbermatten's opinion about Saas Fee being the most perfect place on our planet. In order not to loose myself in Saas Fee's surroundings, I had to keep on telling myself that I was here on an important mission to try and score some words with Shaun White, as his attending a four star contest in Europe was so hyped, and to find out his opinion about the whole deal with the TTR rankings of this season.

After a grueling eight hour drive with only two black metal cd's to entertain me, I finally arrived at a huge car park, where I had to leave my car, as those are not permitted in the quaint little mountain village. I called my hotel and arranged for myself to be picked up by one of their electrical vehicles, that I was anxious to see in real life. Within minutes I saw this little micromachine looking vehicle coming my way. It was rather narrow and had funny looking little, but thick wheels. Would I be able to fit my fat ass in this thing? Easy! Driving in the back of the thing was so fun! It reminded me of those weird little vehicles you see driving around in the secret lair of a James Bond villain. I just arrived in time to catch the start of the VIP dinner, where we were served the finest fondue. Surprise, surprise. I was greeted by the lovely Daniela Meyer, one of the chief organizers of the event, who randomly sat me down at a table, where I joined Peter Ström, his girlfriend Marika, two Latvian Media dudes and another Swedish cat. My first question was about White and his whereabouts. I almost fainted when they told me that he was not there! Whhhaaaat! In fact, it was not certain whether or not he was going to show up at all! Supposedly he was to show for the day of the finals. Hmmmmmmm......That evening I drenched my concern with more that just a few beers accompanied with Scott Sullivan and the Kin at the Popcorn Bar, who played a wicked cover of the Pixies along with some of their own classics.

Words and Pics: Marko Grgas