Jamie Anderson, Sarah Conrad, Chas Guldemond and Janne Korpi are the first riders to be rewarded by MINI for their creativity at this season' Burton Global Open Series for their alternative lines at the Canadian Open. Check the videos...

The second phase of the MINI Creative Use of Space (CU0S) Awards went down last weekend at the Burton Canadian Open where the riders had a chance to be rewarded for their creativity in the slopestyle and pipe events. Whoever pulled creative tricks or took an innovative line would be in consideration for the US$ 2,500 MINI had to dish out to a guy and a girl in each discipline


For the women, Jamie Anderson (USA) took the cash for slopestyle while Sarah Conrad (CAN) netted the award for halfpipe. In the men’s category Chas Guldemond (USA) launched off the MINI car with a 3 “Roofy" Stalefish to take the slope prize and Janne Korpi (FIN) got inventive in the pipe with an Alley Oop Backside Rodeo 540 Nose. All four walked away from Calgary with a nice wedge of cash in their back pockets for thinking different.


As well as the dollar, the riders also netted 25 'creative points' towards a MINI Countryman. The car will be given to the male and female with the most points at the 30th Annual US Open in Stratton, Vermont on March 10, 2012.

The MINI CUoS Feature at the 2012 CANO was created by Ryan Neptune, lead builder with Planet Snow Design. The unique feature’s design was based on an old skate park in Portland and inspired the riders with its multiple rails, and the car itself, to come up with the most creative tricks seen to date. In addition to the riders, the park builders that create the best CUoS Slopestyle Feature during the 2012 BGOS series will win US$ 5,000.

More of this to come when the Global Open Series rolls into Laax for the BEO at the end of this month.