Watch a bunch of rad dudes you'd not usually associate with pipe riding ripping the HCSC mini tube at Bode Merrill's invitational shindig. After watching this it's clear that Bode should be in charge of pipe riding at the Olympics. Fact.

There's not a double cork in sight at the Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational, which went down at High Cascade Summer Camp a while back, just some ditch stunts that look super fun. The result is arguably the best pipe 'contest' seen in recent years. Awesome.

Riders: Dustin Craven, Ben Bilocq, Johnny Brady, Scotty Arnold, Darrell Mathes, Bode Merrill, Joe Sexton, Mathieu Crepel, Chris Carr, Brandon Hobush, Mike Ravelson, Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens