After two days of mindblowing slopestyle action, attention switched over to the halfpipe today as the men's and women's Semi Finals went down. Check how it panned out...

Laax was frazzled by another bluebird scorcher today which, while good for getting lobstered, makes pipe riding a challenging prospect as the finely crafted walls degenerate into slush, but while the riders struggled with the conditions a tad and holding back on unleashing their big guns there was still some sickness going down.


On the women's side of things halfpipe riding is still being dominated by Kelly Clark. In recent times she's seen herself getting pushed hard by the likes of Gretchen Bleiler and Queralt Castellet, but the fact that she's won the last 15 contest she's entered speaks volumes. Despite a bit of a fever, Kelly boomed it here once again to ensure she's in pole position for tomorrow's finals ahead of Gretchen and Queralt, who both went tech but without the amplitude of Kelly.


The men were either holding back or hampered by the slush as the dizzying display of pipe riding we've become accustomed to didn't materialise today, with guys like Iouri Podladtchikov not even getting their double dip on - it's laughable to type but a run with 7s, 9s and back-to-back 10s is 'mellow' by today's standards. Other riders were having success on certain hits but struggling to maintain a consistency that's important to do well. Mini's Creative Use of Space is on in the pipe as it was in the slopestyle, so Freddy Austbo's monster frontside alley-oops and Peetu's switch straight air could well net them the 5k, but overall it seemed that speed was an issue but judges were clearly rewarding riders who went big.


And while guys like Arthur Longo, Peetu, Jack Mitrani and Freddy Austbo were booting it, few went bigger more consistently than Markus Malin who, like Iouri, also kept the doubles in his bag for tomorrow. Atmosphere-scratching amplitude, big flat spins and solid grabs served him well, but we're sure that come tomorrow's finals the ante will be upped considerably. You can watch the Burton European Open finals live from 9.15 am tomorrow.



1. Markus Malin (FIN)

2. Iouri Podlatchikov (SUI)

3. Ryo Aono (JPN)

4. Danny Davis (USA)

5. Fredrik Austbo (NOR)

6. Stale Sandbech (NOR)

7. Shuhei Osanai (JPN)

8. Peetu Piiroinen (FIN)

9. Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (SLO)

10. Nathan Johnstone (AUS)

11. Janne Korpi (FIN)

12. Christian Haller (SUI)

13. Hiroki Suwa (JPN)

14. Tore Holvik (NOR)

15. Jan Scherrer (SUI)

16. Manuel Pietropoli (ITA)


1 Clark Kelly

2 Bleiler Gretchen

3 Sadar Cilka

4 Yamaoka Soko

5 Rodriguez Sophie

6 Castellet Queralt

7 Furihata Yuki

8 Haller Ursina

9 Candrian Sina

10 Thovex Mirabelle

11 Bernard Emma

12 Purtschert Nadja

13 Østgaard Buaas Kjersti

14 Anderson Jamie

15 Derungs Isabel

16 Rohrer Verena

17 Kalapos Zoe