Slopestyle finals were the focus of attention at the Burton NZ Open in the wee hours of our morning, with Mark McMorris bagging first for the guys and Jamie Anderson doing the same for the gals. Read on for the what-went-on...

With Cardrona resort basking in bluebird conditions, 16 guys and 8 girls put on a progressive show of slopestyle riding. Ominously foreshadowing what we might expect now this gig is an Olympic sport, Canadian Sebastien Toutant pulled back to back to back doubles and New Zealand’s Shelly Gotlieb attempted the first women’s double in competition. Imagine the state it'll be in come 2014... back to back triples? Quads? Aaaaanyway...


Canada's Mark McMorris's second run was the one that grabbed the cash, with it going down like this: Fullcab Stall, Cab 270 Frontboard to fakie, Halfcab 50-50 to Backside 360, Backside 1080 Double Cork Mute, Frontside 900 Melon to a Cab 1260 Nosegrab. Not far behind was compatriot Sebastien Toutant with his Cab 540 Tailtap, Front Blunt 270 out, Tailslide 270 out, Backside 1080 Double Cork Mute, Frontside 1080 Double Cork Melon, to a Double Backside Rodeo 1080 Truckdriver. Third place was eagerly gobbled up by Norseman Stale Sandbech whose run consisted of a Backside 540 Tailtap, Hardway Cab 270 to Frontboard, Frontboard 450 out, Cab 900 Stalefish, Frontside 1080 Indy to a Backside 1260 Mute.

In the women’s slopestyle, Jamie Anderson made it a fourpeat - her fourth straight New Zealand Open slopestyle title was earned with a Switch Backside 180 Tailtap; Front Blunt to fakie; Halfcab 5-0 to Backside 180; Switch Backside 540 Indy; Frontside 360 Lein; to a Backside 540 Mute.


Second went to Kjersti Buaas who held it down with a Frontside 360 Nosetap, 50-50 on the double kink, 50-50 to Backside 180, Cab 540, Frontside 720 to a Frontside 360 Stalefish.

The TTR World Tour has introduced an all-new ranking system that now ranks riders according to discipline. With his win today, Mark McMorris has advanced to World No. 4 in the men’s TTR Slopestyle World Tour Rankings and Jamie Anderson has bolstered her leader position in the women’s TTR Slopestyle Tour Rankings with her victory today.


The live action at the Burton New Zealand Open culminates tomorrow (or real late tonight in Euroland) with the blue ribband event, the halfpipe.

Remember you can watch the Burton NZ Open live here on Just click that link for the specific times and, of course, the live stream.