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The 2011 edition off Gothenburg Rail Battle was a huge success with a frothing crowd that was super stoked to see the riders do their thing. Marc Swoboda won the full shebang, with Kalle Ohlson, Denis Leontyev and Marc taking honours on individual obstacles. Peep the pics and a short vid.

In total 27 riders were invited to the main event who were divided into two groups for the qualifiers. From the qualification groups 5 from each group went through to the final.

Here's Kalle doing his thing.

The riding was of a super high standard and gave everyone a real show! In the end it was Marc Swoboda who took the top spot on the podium after some sick tricks! Peep some shots by Anders Neuman in this gallery...


1. Marc Swoboda (AUT)

2. Len Roald Jorgensen (NOR)


Best Trick Down Flat Down: Kalle Ohlsson (SWE)

Best Trick Shootout: Marc Swoboda (AUT)

Best Trick Down Rail: Denis LEONTYEV (RUS

Events Sponsors: Rip Curl, Monster Energy, Skullcandy, Scandic Hotels

All photos: Anders Neuman