Peep highlights of the top 3 stuntings from the Relentless Freeze that went down in London last weekend. Usually we wouldn't post FIS gymnastics but we like Battersea Power Station and Janne's front 10 double is Halldor-esque in it's narcoleptic style...

So, yeah, Finnish laddo Janne Korpi beat out stompmeister Seppe Smits and rookie flatlander Joris Ouwerkerk to take a deserved win in this London spin-fest. Sadly for the home crowd the UK's own Jamie Nicholls only managed 4th, but making the final and finishing ahead of Gjermund Braten, Marko Grilc and Ståle Sandbech is nothing to be ashamed of, and we're betting the London faithful were in good voice for the boy.

But the glory belonged to Janne, who's über-lazy front 10 double and back 12 nudged him a couple points ahead of Seppe's Cab 12 and back 12 with Joris completing the podium. Not sure what non-FIS judges would make of the knee grab dubs but he looks young and has time to learn. More importantly: what can event organizers do to prevent the monotony of endless back 10 'doubles' this season? Answers on a postcard.