[Check out Lib Tech's edit from last year's Holy Bowly at Tenjindaira Resort in Japan to get a feel for the event.]

Mervin Manufacturing announces the return of one of the most anticipated and downright raddest snowboard events in the world as Lib Tech's Holy Bowly will be taking its North American bow at Park City Mountain Resort on Saturday, April 19!

The Holy Bowly is not so much a contest but rather a gathering of cultures and styles that brings backcountry soul surfers, pipe jocks, urban jibbers, contest riders and every other shred stereotype together with a common goal of slashing the hand shaped transitions of giant snow bowls, tranny-finding like hell and reveling in the stoke that is snowboarding.

Over 80 confirmed riders including Holy Bowly vets Forest Bailey, Jamie Lynn, Yusaku Horii, Scott Blum, Austin Hironaka, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Jake Olson-Elm, Wes Makepeace, Zak Hale… (breath)… Desiree Melancon, Ted Borland, Mike Rav, Dylan Thompson, Jesse Burtner, Harrison Gordan and Sean Genovese alongside eager first-timers Temple Cummins, Keegan Valaika, Chris Bradshaw, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, Brandon Hammid, Tim Eddy, Danny Kass, Mikey LeBlanc… (another breath)… Scott Stevens, Russell Winfield, Scotty Arnold, The Brothers Warbington, Justin Bennee… alright…you get the picture. This just might end up being one of the greatest sessions in the history of snowboarding… no pressure.

Austin Hironaka gets his tweak on at last year's event. Photo: E-Stone.

It all goes down from 11AM to 4PM on Saturday, April 19 near the bottom of the 3 Kings Chairlift at Park City Mountain Resort.

Stop by to watch the session on Saturday and then put your own spin on it as PCMR opens the bowls to the public on Sunday on what will go down as one of the greatest closing days ever!

There is no way this event would be possible without the unbelievable support of Lib Technologies, Park City Mountain Resort, Monster Energy and Adidas.