After what had resembled more like the last spring session at the Hintertux Opening beginning of October, winter made a big appearance for the Kauntertal Opening last weekend.

It had only started snowing the Monday before the event but didn’t stopped since and so the Kauntertal glacier presented itself in its nicest outfit: covered all in white.


So when the masses pilgrimaged up the mountain on Friday and Saturday, you could see smiles and sparkling eyes that only the first powder lines can conjure on the faces everywhere around you. And although the bands Rookie Jam and Munich based reggae combo Jamram rocked the party tent on Friday night, people were fighting for the first powder lines on Saturday morning – no time for hangovers!


As happy as the massive dumpage has made the vistors, as difficult did it also make the contest. Due to the previous lack of snow, the minishred park was only prepared with jib obstacles consisting of various boxes and rails, bonks and a picnic table, no kickers. But for the contest the skies just wouldn’t stop releasing white flakes all day. That didn’t only reduce the visibility but also the riders’ speed to a minimum, accordingly it was pretty hard to get enough to hit all obstacles in the set up.


The likes of Gerome ‘Coin Coin’ Mathieu, Peter König, Benny Wetscher and Alex Walch still managed to stick some nice boardslides, blunts, nose- and tailpresses and even some flips. Despite all weather forecast the snowfall rather picked up during the day then slow down, and so it was the 50-50 to front flip Austrian Patrick Huber had sticked in the qualification in the morning, that got awarded Best Trick. Overall Winner and Best Line went to French shredder Gerome Mathieu, Swede Tor Lundström was Best Rookie and Julia Baumgartner won the women’s competition ahead of Conny Bleicher.


Looking to get the party really started for Saturday night, K2 and Ride provided a little snack consisting of free Hot Dogs, beer and energy drinks for everybody coming down the mountain at the bottom of the glacier road. With such an early start it was obvious that the party tent would burst this night, and it almost did. Live acts I-Shine and Grossstadtgeflüster and screening of the new Pirates Productions’ flick Jolly Roger made the crowd go crazy and it took some party animals until dawn to crawl back into their beds – or tents.