Seeing as Norway is arguably pipping Finland to the 'Most Frickin' Ridiculouly Talented Riders Per Capita' title right now, it's unsurprising that the Norwegian stop of the Nike Chosen Series went off the richter. Check the words and gallery...

This was the 9th and final of the Europe-snapping Nike Chosen Series and will certainly go down as one of the standout legs, with the Norwegians displaying an almost freakishly high level of riding in this AM contest.

The perfectly shaped 15m kicker had been constructed on the same slope as last month’s World Snowboard Championship, and the 37 riders ample set about showing how badass Scandinavian riders can be. Double corks, double flips, double Rodeos and countless Switch Backside spins were the norm as riders enjoyed the bluebird conditions.

20-year-old Kristin Stubberud took Best Female with some well-held Stalefish and Tail grabs, Even Brekke from nearby Oslo claimed Best Style with a BS Rodeo 5 Indy, Backside 5 Shifty and a Frontside Corked 7 and with a host of tricks Jonas Steen took Most Creative with a Switch Backside 7, Backside Double Cork 12 and a Cab 10.

20-year-old Jørn Simen Aabøe from Kragero took the top honors of the day with an astonishing Switch BS12 Double Cork Mute, Double Backflip late 180, Switch Backside 7 Japan, Frontflip Nosegrab and FS Rodeo 7, an arsenal of tricks that gave him the MVP

Jørn wins the final ticket to the Nike Chosen Sessions to ride with the Nike team on a purpose built ‘next level’ park where he will join the previous winners from across Europe and compete to become the overall Nike Chosen Winner.


Best Overall (MVP) - Jørn Simen Aabøe, Kragero

Most Creative - Jonas Steen, Oslo

Best Style - Even Brekke, Oslo

Best Female - Kristin Stubberud, Rykkinn