When: Thu 1st of January 1970

Where: Verbier, Switzerland

The winter was here but attendees were anxiously waiting for snow as Jib night Verbier approached... Eventually some powder arrived and the first rail contest of the new season could commence!

Over 65 riders from no less than six countries came to take part. The first runs, in the form of a Jam session, separated the men from the boys and decided who should progress to the next phase. Special mention here for Lenaïc Lear who pulled some awe-inspiring tricks on the rail.

In the final phase, the eight best male riders were singled out, in addition to the two best women in each category. The format selected was that of a battle. Each series of three runs saw two riders attempting to eliminate their rival. In snowboard, Dutch Bas Mons successfully defeated Gianluca Cavigelli then American Pat Kagi to gain the title this year.

Among the women, Héli Nadig clinched the snowboarding final ahead of Sandrine Clavien. It should also be noted that Gianluca Cavigelli won the cheque for the "best trick" over the whole day.

It was still snowing hard when the freestylers moved from the rails to the clubs of Verbier. The Jib Night was far from being over; the gods that sent the powder had to be celebrated! Wintertime has come at last!


Mens Snowboard

  • 1st: Bas Mons
  • 2nd: Pat Kagi
  • 3rd: Mat Bumman

Womens Snowboard

  • 1st: Héli Nadig
  • 2nd: Sandrine Clavien

Best Trick Overall: Gianluca Cavigelli

Photos by www.petercharaf.com