The 8th edition of the infamous Intercrew event, which went down in Chamrousse on 24-27 March, was once again a great success and will certainly be remembered as the icing on the slush cake of happy shredding and fun times.


Bruno Rivoire and his gang managed to pull together an ultra creative set up on the aptly named Sunset Park of Chamrousse. A jump though a hula hoop (sadly never set on fire) set you up for two different lines. Line 1 offered riders a damn nice jump and then a Chuppa Chupps pole jam feature, while line two and three was a succession of excellent jibs - both boxes and rails - ending in a up-down box with a rock bar and two kickers on each side. Plus at the bottom of the park was an interesting looping transfer feature and a huge gap to wall.


Early on in the contest session a super strong Snowsurf crew (Dimitri Biau, Coin-Coin, Morgan Lefaucheur and more) were just taking the piss on all the spots, before the Fluofun-A Bralner crew stepped it up and decided to throw down the hammers: double hits through the hoop and rodeos everywhere else. But that was without counting on the Belgian SCS crew, with Mr Christof 'Cab9' Reynders... basically when it was time to crown a winning team it was too close to call, so it was decided to pull a name from a hat to settle the tie. The SCS crew had the luck with the hat draw and were duly anointed as the winners of this 8th, and maybe last edition of what has officially become the one of the funnest events in Europe.


That’s why we wanted to give the last words to the big pappa of the Intercrew, Bruno Rivoire:

“In my mind this was the best edition of the Intercrew. Despite the springy conditions I think we gave everyone a good creative set up to enjoy, and a summer camp vibe, especially with this magic weather! This was 3 days of fun riding between friends, with still the goal to push the riding level, like always. I really feel we completed the goal we had in mind when we started the event. It might sound a little pretentious to say this, but I think Intercrew doesn’t look or feel like any other event out there, just because of the fun that everyone has, and the good spirit of the pseudo competition. Our mission at Intercrew has come to an end, and we now will focus on newer projects. Thanks to everyone who participated to the success of our event. Intercrew for ever!"


Hopefully we can convince him right here to give it another go next year…

- Youri Barneoud.


Check the offishall Intercrew video here.