The Volcom Stone Peanut Butter and Rail Jam global championships went down at Mammoth mountain recently, bringing together some of the most talented amateur and kid rail riders in the world. Watch the highlights edit above and see if you can get through it without getting dizzy...

The Volcom PBRJ event has been going down for yonks now and is always super progressive, fun, and packed to the rafters with delicious junk food for chowing down on. This year's final stop was no exception, with some of the sickest am rail riders assembling for a frenzy of 450s, 360s on and pretty much every other trick under the sun.

As you'll see from the edit, the level of snowboarding was insanely high, and all from kids we largely haven't heard of yet.

Joey Fava took the 15s and under title with Jed Sky topping the 16-21 category. Dina Treland won the women's open division while Kevin Trammer took it in the men's. Additionally, Eirik Nesse was crowned the Rev'd Rider (some award by a nutritional brownie manufacturer, apparently) and Stefan Krumm took Electric's "Gooeyest Move of the Event" - best trick to you and me.