Take a look at all of our favourite shots from the Hotzone.tv opening on the Hintertux Glacier - the (un)official start of the 2016/2017 winter season!

All photos by Sam Oetiker

The first turns of the season are always something that we eagerly anticipate every year. Grabbing your board from the basement, jumping in the car and tightening your boots on the gondola ride up, before setting off on your first run after a long summer are all feelings we can relate to. For many of us who live here in Europe, those experiences will happen high up on the Hintertux glacier.

Scroll on for some of our favourite shots from this year's opening:

Clemens Millauer Hintertux Report Resized-8157
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As one of the few resorts to offer riding all year round, the Hotzone.tv park opening at 'Tux is one of the earliest opportunities you have of getting on your snowboard. This, combined with a banger park and a shedload of off-hill activities make the opening a weekend you simply cannot afford to miss. This year was no exception!

Day one kicked off with decent weather and a session on the pro kicker line. Local hero Werni Stock was up there early throwing down, alongside Clemens Millauer, Marko Grilc, Mario Kaeppeli, Benny Wetscher and a large group of incredibly excitable French rookies.

Clemens Millauer Hintertux Report Resized-8071
Clemens Millauer Hintertux Report Resized-8046
Marko Grilc Hintertux Report Resized-8202

Those locals lucky enough to have the Friday off work scored lap after lap through the Betterpark - which was in prime condition for the end of September.

After riding, everyone gathered at the Tux Center to check out the new Mehod Mag movie as well as Absinthe's latest offering, AfterForever. Once the movies wrapped up the crowds moved to the various Hotzone Opening party venues in town, which provided some solid tunes and a good opportunity to catch up with the homies over a couple of beers.

Clemens Millauer Hintertux Report Resized-8033
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Day 2 brought with it some challenging weather conditions which sadly resulted in the Session of the Dudes being cancelled due to speed and visibility issues.

Nevertheless, there was still a ton of park riding to be had - especially for the youngsters, who were treated to their very own photo session with GoPro photog Fischi, along with guidance from local legends such as Steve Gruber - good hands to be left in indeed!

Hintertux Report Resized-8671
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At the base of the lift a rad little skate pump track had been constructed for everyone to have a go at, and there was ample opportunity to grab a bite to eat, catch some live music or try your luck on the roulette table.

After the sun went down the main Hotzone Opening party kicked off at Hohenhaus Tenne which definitely resulted in a few heavy heads the following morning...

Hintertux Report Resized-8484

Day 3 once again brought tricky weather conditions, with rain at altitude and a thick layer of fog making riding the park pretty tough.

However, it was rad to see that the rain didn't dampen all of the riders' spirits, with a good handful of snowboarders gathering for the Lib Tech cash for tricks session.

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Overall, the Hotzone Opening was a fantastic way to usher in the 2016/2017 season. A killer park setup, great parties, an opportunity to test out new snowboard gear and a chance to catch up with friends old and new.

If this weekend was any indication of what the following months have got in store for us on our snowboards and beyond, we're in for an amazing winter!

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