[Gap to back lip from Sparrow. Photo: Yan Renelt]

The Horsefeathers City Jib made an epic return to Pilsen last weekend. Check this gallery of the bang bangs, and stay tuned for a video of the madness dropping shortly...

Horsefeathers City Jib 2015 is a wrap and it was beyond sick! Despite the naughty weather everyone had a great time and the riding was next level!

Congrats to Denis “Bonus" Leontyev for the overall win and the best trick, followed by Sparrow Knox and Kevin Trammer who took the third spot, Max Zebe on the fourth rank and officially fifth Halldor Helgasson. Big shout out to Halldor for passing on his check to Shaun Murphy, appreciation - hell yeah!

Felix Engström brought some Swedish style to the m ixer. Photo: Yan Renelt
Overview of the setup. Photo: Susi Kaiser
The Shy Monkey is a wild Animal. Photo
Sparrow was so hyped on the setup he was running like Pamela Anderson in her heyday. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Sparrow's board so chill yo. Photo: Susi Kaiser
Halldor gap to lipslide. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Yung Harold was happy. Photo: Susi Kaiser
MC Henry Jackson on product toss detail. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Whatever "me, me, me!" is in Polish, that dude's saying. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Course designer Eiki Helgason gives Cees Wille and Michi Schatz some pointers. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Dude unknown doing some damage. Photo: Susi Kaiser
DJ Lucky Boy feeling lucky. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Denis won the whole shebang. No wonder he was stoked. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Eiki turned a bit Sith lord at one point. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Ethan Morgan. The meat in a Helgason man-sandwich. Photo: Yan  Renelt
Kevin Trammer flanked by the Gs. Photo: Susi Kaiser
Ethan's bringing the 90s back. Photo: Yan  Renelt