When: Sun 15th of March 2009

Where: Warmtobel, Toggenburg, Switzerland

Kickers, corners, bowls, bonk-trees und step up kickers – together 28 obstacles with different difficulty degree stood in the natural funpark with a length of 1,7 k´s . The 500 riders brimmed over with enthusiasm for this park. Shredding hit after hit till the legs became tired.

During the three days 13 voluntary helpers and two piste bullies modified the black slope at Warmtobel in Wildhaus. The parcour leads over rocks, knolls and through couloirs.

Back to the roots

It was the perfect playground – without application everyone rode the obstacles – including a triple kickerline, following the bowl and after five kickers to land on the bonk-obstacles. The „Back to the Roots“ idea was to shred in wild terrain just for fun with your best friends and to forget all the pressure behind a usual contest.

Shooting, chilling, rocking

A whole bunch of mags and film-crews where there to shoot in the massive funpark! So Pros like Stephan Mu Maurer, Hitch Haller, Raphi Rocha, Mike Knobel or Sina Candrian were life on the ground to shoot with the photographers.

But the riders also used the chill out area after enjoying some exhausting, but wicked runs through the snowland.ch funpark – in the chill out area there was food, sound and some canvas-chairs. The "regeneration phase" for the riders consisted of three different parties where everyone's party lust was satisfied!

Only with the help of the whole lot of volunteers and the event-sponsors that new event worked. So thanks dudes!

More pics of the Warmtobel Jam at snowland.ch