Full recap edit of the 2014 Frontline Railjam through the eyes of The Helgasons. The contest was utter madness!

Anyone who watched the Frontline Railjam livestream/recast will be able to tell you that it was one of the best in the contest's long and much celebrated history.

From Johnny O'Connor and Zach Aller absolutely slaying the setup to the point that the judges couln't distinguish between them, (the same went for second place between Denis Leontyev and Eiki Helgason), to A.J Morgan Freemanson, a.k.a Ethan Morgan almost stomping a beast of a front blunt 450 transfer from the flat bar to the down flat down, to Eiki snapping his board clean in half, some heavy shit went down for sure.

Check the edit and see if you don't agree. Frontline Rail Jam for life!

1st Place – Johnny O’Connor & Zach Aller

2nd Place – Denis Leontyev & Eiki Helgason

Best Trick Drop Rail – Eiki Helgason

Best Trick Down Rail- Michael Schatz

Best Trick Flat Down- Nils Arvidson