Halldor Helgason impressed his fellow riders the most at the Freestyle.CH style session.

The sun was shining, the spectators were out in full force and the riders were all sending it on the 32m kicker towering above the lake of Zurich. It was the perfect location to watch some of the world's best freestyle snowboarders stomp some mellow tricks in a competition that was judged by the riders themselves - purely on the basis of style.

All of the riders, including Eero Ettala (who was chucking double backies), Sage Kotsenburg (who was stomping his signature chicken wing spins) and many many more, were throwing down a ton of crowd pleasers, but in the end, it was Halldor Helgason's combination of tweaked out methods, todeos and laid out backflips that earned him his fellow rider's votes.

Watch the highlights from the Style Session in the edit above and check out our coverage of Sunday's epic big air event here.