Nice weather, a deluxe BBQ and a small but fine rail set up were the reasons that shred heads all over southern Germany traveled to Grasgehren and celebrated the legendary Bonfire Season Opener.

It was the 13th edition of 'Salomon BEERS´N´BURGER' and this year's crew ate about 250 burgers and round about 500 litres of beer and Killerfish Energy.

Photos: Frithjof Kjer

Everybody was jibbing, relaxing and enjoyed the beautiful weather and flair on the mountain. On this coming Sunday the Grasgehren Team plans to organize the World Snowboard Day where you will get the day ticket for child price and for sure you will find a free BBQ with steaks, beers and Killefish Energy.

Give snowboarding a place to live… Snowpark Grasgehren.

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