I hope that gloryfy don't decude from their unbreakable goggles that snowboarders are also indestructible. I guess were are to find out when they host the 2012 gloryfy Bastards snowboard competition. Read on to find out where and when it's going down...

Chris Kröll BS7 Mut#216C4F2

The Unbreakable Big Air Battle

For the third consecutive time national & international freestyle pros meet and compete at the gloryfy BASTARDS – Contest on the 27th of January 2012 from 7p.m. at Gerlos, Zillertal Arena, Austria.

gloryfy BASTARDS 20#216C41C

At the gloryfy BASTARDS unbreakable big air battle snowboarders, among them Chris Kröll (past years winner snowboard) from Germany, the Swedish styler Chris Sörman, as well as the German snowboard rookie Patrick Cinca, will compete for 9,000 Euros prize money on the 27th of January 2012.

Reini Rieser BS Air#216C3AC

One of the most massive set-ups in Europe: 20.000m3 of snow, an eleven meter high kicker with a 15 meter gap and a gigantic end-section will provide the unique events challenging freestyle-playground at the Zillertal Arena in Austria. Bigger dimensions of the obstacles and more airtime promise even spectacular tricks. Most importantly: Admission is free!

Luka Jeromel Tailgr#216C3FB

Highest level snowboard action is guaranteed by the off-the-hook line-up – as well as the perfect beats and a rad atmosphere during the event created by the announcers Henry Jackson and Martin Misof, the Wax Wreckaz DJ Crew and the band Golden reef playing on the Red Bull Brandwagen. At 11p.m. the after-party starts with the Wax Wreckaz at the turntables.

Chris Kröll Drop In#216C36D

Regarding the big success of the past two events everybody is stoked about part three: „From the drop-in you could see a crazy scenery with several thousand spectators. The huge obstacle in the middle of the village creates a special atmosphere!" (Chris Kröll)