All photos: Martin Herrmann

Progression, bluebird, barbecue and brilliant vibes - last Saturday, the fourth Girls Shred Session of the season 2016/17 took place at the badenova Snowpark Feldberg. The day was all about strong progress and plenty of jib action for the #shredqueens in the Schwarzwald area.

Girls Shred Sessions (engl. ˈgərlz · ˈʃrɛd · ˈsɛʃənz), the

An event series specifically developed for passionate female riders. It was established five years ago and has supported #shredqueens ever since, helping them to perfect their park skills, in the form of a day of free coaching. During each session, the girls are accompanied by members of the QParks media crew, who are in charge of capturing the best shots of the day.

That’s enough theory for now, though. Just read on to get a proper impression of what this spectacular event looked like in reality:


The weather conditions were amazing, when the 20 highly motivated shredsistas met up at the chill area, ready and set for a relaxed session at the badenova Snowpark Feldberg. Thanks to the amazing work of the shape crew, the obstacles were in perfect shape and the girls were able to practice their moves on boxes, rails and numerous other jib elements.

Right from the beginning of the session, the stoke level was going through the roof - the girls kept pushing each other and were already hitting several obstacles with boardslides and railslides. Annika, who was definitely enjoying her first Girls Shred Session at Feldberg, puts it like this, “Shredding the park with more girl power involved is just awesome. The Girls Shred Sessions are really awesome when it comes to progress, because all the girls offer each other lots of helpful tips."


Around noon, it was time for the girls to recharge their batteries at the chill area, where they were having a tasty BBQ, while chilling in the bright sunlight and chatting about the latest gear and the newest tricks they’d learned so far. Shredding was certainly the main focus of the day – for some girls it was THE park premiere. “Backed by the girls squad, many girls tend to overcome their initial fear of park riding, and I think that the sessions are a perfect trigger for the girls to make their first steps into the park," Annika says, smiling.

During the afternoon session, the girls were laying down countless amazing runs in the bright sunshine and the media crew came up with plenty of top-notch footage for the day’s edit.

After a day of first grade shredding fun, the girls received their cool goodie bags from Planet Sports and Golden Ride - the icing on the cake, so to speak.

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