BAUStrian Gigi Rüf takes the title at the second edition Red Bull Ultra Natural [previously called Super Natural - they had to switch the name for copyright reasons we heard] ahead of Nicolas Müller and wildcard Bryan Fox. Check the gallery of shots and a pretty sick course-prep video...

The second edition of Travis Rice's backcountry freestyle competition of extraordinary magnitude went down on Baldface's Scary Cherry run yesterday, with Gigi posting the highest score of the day to secure this pretty damn prestigious title. Basically the start list was a who's who of next level backcountry freestyle and to run out as the winner here you need the winning mix of skill for days and spuds of steel. Gigi has both in spades.

Here's a tasty course prep video that deals with the course setup. As for footage of the event proper you'll have to wait. As last year, NBC has the rights to it and will drop the show on March 30th so hopefully after that we'll be able to get our paws on some footy. However, as last year we're sure some goodness will be leaked before. Stay tuned...


1 - Gigi Ruef

2 - Nicolas Mueller

3 - Bryan Fox

4 - Terje Håkonsen

5 - David Carrier Porcheron

6 - Mark McMorris

7 - Eero Niemela

8 - Pat Moore

9 - Lucas Debari

10 - Travis Rice

11 - Jussi Oksanen

12 - Bode Merrill

13 - Jake Blauvelt

14 - Wolfgang Nyvelt

15 - Torstein Horgmo

16 - Mikey Rencz