Rider: Maximilian Preissinger Photo: Christian Eberl

The Groms Open was held traditionally in the Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen, Zillertal, on the St. Epiphany on Sunday 6th January 2015. The competition offers young and upcoming riders (aged under 18) a platform where girls and boys can simply join their first contest or compete against people in the same age bracket for honor and fun.

Riders from several different Countries joined the Contest. Competitors from Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech, Slovakia and Austria showed up in Mayrhofen on this wonderful bluebird day.

Rider: Elizaveta Bogdanova Photo: Christian Eberl

The slopestyle run consisted of optional down rail or down box, followed by a kicker with about 8m table and a kicker with about 12m table in the end. Manu Eder and his shaping crew did an amazing job setting up the park so the competition was able to start on time.

After a one hour jam session, the judges Andy Lehman, Lukas Draxl and Roman „Fenky“ Fankhauser chose the 8 best riders for the finals, with Maximilian Preissinger from Bavaria in the leading position after showing some nice tricks.

Rider: Pauli Steindl Photo: Christian Eberl

In the end it was the German rookie, who took home the first place – showing some really technical tricks on the rails, clean and smooth style over the kickers with cab 270 to fakie, a cab cork 5 mute at the first kicker and a backside 7 at the second kicker.

A 14-year-old Pauli Steindl also from Bavaria in Germany, became second and also won the title of “Best Grom“ with a backside lipslide on the rail, a backflip and a backside 3 japan at the kickers.

Photo: Christian Eberl

Third place went to Moritz Kaufmann from Kaprun in Salzburg, Austria. He impressed the judges in the finals with cab180 50/50, wildcat indy and backside 360.

The first place in girls category went to Elizaveta Bogdanova from Russia.

Prizegiving was held at the Grillhofalm, just next to the park. The successful participants were awarded with action cameras from Drift Innovation and outerwear from Vans.

Rider: Maximilian Preissinger Photo: Christian Eberl

Not only was the level pretty high in the contest, but also in the Vans opening Party in Scotland Yard Pub the Saturday before. Many motivated people showed up to celebrate the upcoming season together with the Disco Dogs.

Video coming soon... Check out the full results here: www.gromsopen.com

Photo: Christian Eberl