Providing fun, organised parks and get-togethers for snowboarding's next generation is essential to ensuring this thing of ours has a bright future. We were therefore stoked to see Head Snowboards' FutureHeads team all get together and hit up the grom-focussed Junior Jam in Westendorf's Boarders Playground park the other weekend, in a setup specifically shaped to give up-and-coming young riders the chance to shine.

When it came to the contest, although there was some great riding from a bunch of competitors, it was clear that Till Strohmeyer and Mona Danuser from the FutureHeads team were in a class of their own in the boys and girls snowboard category. Local boys Sebastian Fuchs and Simon Krenn, both from Westendorf and out of the resort's Freestylas talent pool, received silver and bronze in the supergroms (under 13). On top of that, Sebastian Fuchs (youth) and Samuel Erharter (kids) were hyped on their club master titles. Finally, the Biggest Air Award went to Jakob Gauss, who impressed the judges with a spectacular airtime.

It was really inspiring to see the increasing interest of today’s young guns in snowboarding, as well as the general stoke that the kids and groms are sharing in freestyle sports.


With the riding wrapped up and the prizes dished out, we sat down with FutureHeads riders Mona, Till, Roope and Nooa for a quick chat.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Mona: I’m Mona from Switzerland and I’m 16 years old.

Till: My name is Till, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Kiefersfelden in Germany.

Roope: My name is Roope, I’m 17 years old and I live in Tuusula.

Nooa: I’m Nooa, 16 years old and from Finland.

Which riders do you look up to?

M: My favourite role model is Sina Candrian.

T: Well, my slopestyle role models are for sure Red Gerard, Mark McMorris and Darcy Sharpe. I think they are really cool.

R: I look up to Halldor Helgason, Sven Thorgren and Rene Rinnekangas.

N: I like the ones who ride with style, who have good times and vibes when riding and doing cool tricks.


What do you want to achieve with your career?

M: My biggest goal is to compete at World Cups and at the Olympics.

T: I would love to compete at X Games and Olympics one day if possible. Yes, I think these are my main goals.

R: That’s a hard one to answer but at least I want to have a lot of fun.

N: In my snowboarding career I would like to progress as much as possible and see where it will take me in the end. Filming clips is cool, but for now I really enjoy competing.

What do you think about a park setup just for groms?

M: Everyone has to start somewhere.

T: I think it totally makes sense to build parks for young riders, because than you can learn new tricks on easier obstacles. So yeah, it also makes sense of course to reduce danger of injuries.

R: It is a good thing that we care about the younger ones and it does not always have to be the world biggest rails and kickers.

N: There are nice parks for juniors as well. I think the possibilities are solid for them to train and parks are indeed in good shape.


For more info on the FutureHeads program, check out Head's dedicated grom homepage:


Snowboard - BOYS - overall

1. Strohmeyer Till

2. Schrott Mark

3. Fuchs Sebastian

4. Krenn Simon

5. Frischhut Paul

6. Nightingale Huw

7. Cerato Leandro

8. Erharter Samuel

9. Sena Segora Nico

10. Kutmon Jonathan

11. Behensky Lukas

12. Schermer Paul

13. Felder Finn

14. Zachmann Theo

15. Gauss Jacob

16. Bauer Ruben

17. Thurner Jamie

18. Gossner Silvio

19. Schermer Xaver

20. Goldau Paul

21. Gossner Theo

22. Grote David

Snowboard - GIRLZ - overall

1. Danuser Mona

2. Stroh Karoline

3. Zung Kiara

4. Steeg Philippa