The Frontline Rail Jam is always awesome, and this year celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Question is: how much do YOU want to see it LIVE? Put your money where your mouth is...

The Frontline Rail Jam is about celebrate it's 10th anniversary in downtown Stockholm on October 18th, 2014. The rider list is looking heavy and an extra feature will be added to the infamous stair set. Riders from the US, Europe, Russia and beyond are coming out to perform some out-of-this-world jibbing. This is the rider list so far with more to be announced.

Riders list:

Eiki Helgason (ISL)

Halldor Helgason (ISL)

Denis Leontyev (RUS)

Gulli Gudmundsson (ISL)

Ethan Morgan (GER)

Marc Swoboda (AUT)

Kas Lemmens (HOL)

Wojtek Pawlusiak (PL)

Jeppe Rontti (FIN)

Toni Kerkelä (FIN)

Max Zebe (ITA)

Stepan Rokos (CZ)

Len Roald Jörgensen (NOR)

Zach Rawles (USA)

Benny Kido (ISL)

Jonte Lindhe (SWE)

Felix Engström (SWE)

Nils Arvidson (SWE)

Ludwig Lejkner (SWE)

Stevie Bell (USA)

Kareem El Rafie (SWE)


We are hoping to save enough money with our Indigogo crowdfunder to broadcast an incredible livestream hosted by Stevie Bell with plenty of prizes to be won by the viewers like cameras, boards and outerwear. Check it out. Donate, share & help make it happen!


Check the event on Facebook, and here are the highlights from the 2013 edition to get you hyped and get your hands in your pockets...