When: Sat 6th of October 2007

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

You know that you are on top of the game when you are invited to a rail contest in one of Europe's most beautiful (yes, I'm biased) capitals, and all you are obliged to do is to show up and be cool. You don‚t even have to bring your board or anything. Mark Frank Montoya is just that guy. During the Frontline RailJam held at Sergelstorg in Stockholm, Sweden last weekend most of the names on the poster actually showed up, including MFM, who had been invited only to play some records at the party after the contest. What a life.

After hassling an über-busy event organizer / rider by the name of Kareem El Rafie for a media pass, I called my cousin to come down and keep me company at the event site consisting of a kinked box and a flat rail. During the qualification to the final, my cousin, who hasn't watched a snowboard movie for ten years, said: "That guy is gonna win" and pointed at Eirikur 'Eiki' Helgason. Having seen what the young whippersnapper can do on rails in some obscure video production, I decided it was a bad idea to bet against that.

This contest was perhaps the first event in many years where the final battle wasn't dubbed the 'mega super final of death', but merely 'the final'. By the way, just for the record, I loathe the word 'superfinal'. Why not always call the final 'the final'? Whatever. In between the heats, some of Sweden's most talented on a small snowboard with wheels, as well as MFM, made use of the miniramp to the spectators' delight. Having already placed all of our money on Eiki, it wasn‚t a surprise when the young Icelandic chap took home the overall prize. Sweden's own railslayer Hans Åhlund grabbed the prize for Best Trick on the box with a backside 50-50 to backside 270 to boardslide. Last but not least, the young Finn who should win an award for his amazing name alone, Risto Ruokola, took home the title of Best Trick on the rail with a nollie alley-oop to bs tail 180 boardslide 270 out. What?

The venue for the party that evening was nothing less than the legendary Berns Salonger, to where yours truly never made it. I blame Jim Beam with friends. Damn you, Jim, damn you.

- Peter Lundström

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