Did you miss the live stream of this past weekend's freestyle.ch competition in Zurich? Well, luckily for you, you can stream the full replay of the snowboard finals here.

Skip to the 42.30 mark for the start of the snowboarding.

It was an evening that saw some insane snowboard action from the four finalists, Antoine Truchon, Lucien Koch, Marcus Kleveland and Sven Thorgren.

Antoine Truchon, who had been looking super solid in the qualification stages couldn't quite hold onto his frontside double 12 in the finals, leaving the door wide open for the remaining three riders. Lucien Koch stomped a solid backside 1260 while Marcus Kleveland opted for the cab version.

Swedish kicker boss Sven Thorgren opened up with a massive backside double cork 1080 stalefish to score a 93.33 to take the lead. And despite Lucien and Marcus' attempts to better it, with Marcus coming super close to riding out of a backside triple 1440 we might add, Sven's score was the one that stuck after the two runs.

It was proof that it's not always about the biggest spins but that execution, style and amplitude still count for a lot.

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